Mad Girl Publishing is committed to bringing readers everything from dark romance to the Pitch Black stories they crave. If happily-ever-afters are a must, check out books by Alaska Angelini. If you love to push the limits of your comfort zone, step into Pitch Black+ with A. A. Dark. From the darkest underground bunkers to the most shocking secret societies, stay tuned for books that will have you on the edge of your seat. Pitch Black isn’t just a portal into a nightmare, it’s the book void you’ll never want to escape.

A. A. Dark’s


Descriptive violence. Gore. Sexual assault. Degradation. Abuse. Brainwashing/brain bending. Mental manipulation. Could and (mostly) includes the main characters.

All of the above PLUS an increase in intensity for the triggers above. Expect A LOT of them. VERY descriptive scenes of violence, sexual assault. verbal and mental abuse. Graphic torture. Mostly includes a main character.  

MOSTLY ALL OF THE ABOVE. Now, crank up the intensity EVEN MORE. Could include death of a main character. Possible death of a child. Sensitive topics most can’t stomach to read. Think darkest of the dark. EMOTIONALLY heavy/ dark books fall under this category as well due to the triggers.

Garden of the Gods series

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JASE: Captive to the Dark

Veteran. Billionaire. Cyber god.

It was meant to be a secret. An act of revenge to help me cope with my past.

What I discover in the depths of the dark web isn’t something I was prepared for. Red rooms are supposed to be a myth. Lore. Not this one. There’s nothing fake about the torture of Kody Marshall.

Finding her is fate.

Kody’s safety is my only mission. Healing her is my top priority. She doesn’t know who I am, but I watch her every move. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to protect her, and that’s about to be put to the test.

They know what I’ve done. Their threats are credible, and we’re all playing a dangerous game. With Kody’s life in my hands, I can’t afford to lose.


Nadia Michelle

Haley Fitzpatrick lives her life vicariously. Whether it be her beloved literature, Netflix queue or through the exploits of her best friend, bookish Haley had resigned herself to being a bystander in her own life.

Until Bennet.

Handsome and charming, he was the living embodiment of all the heroes she’d grown up reading about… and he wanted her. Finally, Haley was living the life she’d always dreamt of.

Until she wasn’t.

When the bodies of missing women start to pile up, Haley is left reeling as her almost picture perfect world starts to crumble around her.

24690 Series

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Captive to the Dark series

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