Pitch Black is taking the readers by storm, and Mad Girl Publishing wants you to be a part of it! If you write horror or thriller-based stories with a page-turning plot, we want to read them. From Pitch Black to Oblivion, let the void consume you.

Then … let it consume us all.

PITCH BLACK-STATIC WHITE-OBLIVION: EXTREMELY disturbing situations, explicit sexual content (is a plus), graphic language, and violence. So dark it may have triggers for readers. Romance is optional in these categories but not a requirement.

Author’s books will be published on all outlets (Amazon, Ibooks, Barnes and Noble, etc.). If author wishes to be exclusive with Amazon under Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Program, we’re okay with this too.


Mad Girl is currently looking for stories with an edge. All manuscripts should have graphic detail combined with a tight plot. We do not just want “dark” worlds, we want PITCH BLACK +. That means no holding back no matter the situation. Anything goes, minus pedophilia. That, we will not publish.

We’re looking for writers who push their own limits. Horrify yourself and you’re guaranteed to leave a lasting impact on readers. Show them, and show us, a side of the genre most are too afraid to pursue.

Now that we’ve covered the content required for PITCH BLACK, STATIC WHITE, and OBLIVION, that’s not the only thing we’re looking for in these categories. Don’t just make us cringe at your characters, make us love them. Even the villain. Make us question WHY we feel the way we do. At Mad Girl, we want all sides of emotion. When we finish your manuscript, we want that zombified book hanger. We want the best to set the bar for what we believe is more than a new genre, but a movement.

We are writers.

We are creators.

We do not deserve to have our work censored because it breaks the rules on some peoples’ views of morality. Life is not always good, and we want stories that capture that. Give us real. Slap us in the face with the truth. This is the Mad Girl way. Welcome.

*If for some reason your story is banned, we will sell it exclusively from our website.


Manuscript Format requirements:

All manuscripts must be complete and submitted in Microsoft Word.

Formatting is not an issue at this point. Mad Girl will format your book during the editing process if your submission is accepted.

Please try to send the best version of your manuscript, free from as many grammar and punctuation errors as you can manage. Read over your story. Have a friend read over it, if possible.

Email your blurb (250 words or less), synopsis (5 page maximum), and complete manuscript to submissions@madgirlpublishing.com. Put your blurb and synopsis in the body of the email. Title the email: Pitch Black Submission

Allow 2-4 weeks for a response.

Best of luck! We hope to have you as part of the Mad Girl Team soon!