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I am the keeper of secrets. The vessel for repented sins.

Trust comes automatic for the people who surround themselves in my presence. They confess—I bide my time. But some things are not what they seem.

In the small mountain town of Untold, Colorado, there isn’t a soul who resides here that doesn’t carry pieces of my puzzle—of a past I can’t remember.

When Kit comes to me in confidence, afraid for her life, her cryptic confession leaves me greedy for not only the truth, but for her body. The blonde beauty has a way of unlocking dark secrets I didn’t know existed within my twisted mind. Now that I’ve gotten a taste, I’m ravenous for more. The temptation of keeping Kit as my captive to protect her might just be worth the sins I’m ready to commit.

In a corrupt town where no one is innocent, the real me is quickly becoming the biggest mystery of all.

Warning: This book contains very graphic violence, disturbing situations, dubious consent, and very strong language.

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