Lure (Marko Delacroix series, book 3) Signed Print


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**Book 3 In the Marko Delacroix series**

My slave’s betrayal should have been the end of us—it’s not. Now that Tessa’s been changed into a vampire and is ready to take Hunter as her own, I refuse to give up. She loves me. With my blood remaining within her, it’s only a matter of time before she’s faced with the truth.

But where does that leave Tessa with her future slave? Hunter is only beginning to see our world and soon he’ll realize that Tessalyn isn’t who he thinks her to be.

No one is.

One by one, true colors will be revealed. Will Hunter accept this life and give in? Will I get Tessa back? Or will Axis grant Sayer residence to them both?

WARNING!!! THERE ARE TRIGGERS WITH THIS BOOK! This book contains adult situations, very graphic violence, disturbing situations, very strong language. Intended for mature audiences ONLY.

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