Happy Thanksgiving!

skyHappy Thanksgiving! Here, at Mad Girl, we’re hoping all of you had a wonderful day with tons of turkey, delicious ham, and all the pies you could possibly eat … or at least sample.

For such a festive holiday, our day was gloomy and cold in Northern Wisconsin. At currently 36 degrees, we’re expecting freezing rain in approximately …7 minutes…or so says the alert I just received from my weather app. But don’t get me wrong. Weather didn’t deter us from having a fantastic time. Indoors, of course.

Now that the day is winding down, I thought I would get on and say a quick hello. Mad Girl will officially open in the next few weeks, and I hope to have a new blog post (or two) up every week. This will not just be a blog promoting new releases, but a window into the authors, editors, and the entire Mad Girl team. So, sign-up, subscribe, and get ready to take a plunge into the dark abyss of Mad Girl!


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