Mistress B-0042 is Here!

It’s auction time and Main Master Elec is opening up bidding once again. 

The next auction is starting with Mistress B-0042 and she’s looking for two new playthings to break.
Amazon universal link- https://mybook.to/Mistress42

If you’re looking for romance this series is probably not for you. The Garden of the Gods series follows the lives of Masters or Mistresses following an auction. These are novellas that take place right after an auction whether it’s a day a week or a few weeks. But their stories are done by the end and you may see them pop back up in other Masters or Mistresses stories. These are made to be like little slices of twisted life in the Gardens a small glimpse in their lives. These are made to sate your dark little hearts in between my novels. 

If this is your first attendance please be advised of the rules listed in your welcome packet. Or if you need a refresher Vol. 1 is available on Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited.

Mistress B-0003- http://getbook.at/Mistress3
Master B-1212- http://getbook.at/Master1212
Couple B-0001- http://getbook.at/Couple1
Master B-0077- http://getbook.at/Master77
Master B-0999- https://mybook.to/Master999
Garden of the Gods vol.1 bundle- https://mybook.to/GOTGvol1

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