Mad Beginnings (The Foundation of Anna Monroe and Boston Marks): Signed Print


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This is a 3 book boxset featuring: Never Far, Mad Girl, and Master Mind. These books are HORROR, and each story is darker than the next. If you reach the end, it is the darkest of dark. BE PREPARED.


Never Far
I wasn’t a good person. Even amnesia couldn’t erase the fact that deep inside, there was a darkness I couldn’t deny. Flashes of strangers—of blood and torture—heightened a mystery impossible to unravel.

The man I called my best friend landed an axe in my head trying to save himself. He says I’m a murderer. He may be right.

Until memories return, I don’t care. There’s only one person familiar to me. His sister, Lucy. She’s the only thing that matters now. Where I once kept myself at a distance, this new world I’ve awoken to revolves solely around her.

Lucy is mine.
She’s always been mine.
No one is standing in the way of that.

It is believed, the loss of one’s memory can be a fresh start. What they don’t tell you is not all beginnings are derived from good things.

Mad Girl (The Chronicles of Anna Monroe)
My mother was the Madison Ridge Killer … and I helped her.

At nine, I was given a new start—a new life. My adoptive parents did everything they could to help me forget my past, and for a while, they succeeded.

But I was never normal. I never truly forgot all I saw or did.

Now, twenty years later, I work in the billing department for a small city newspaper. And like decades before, not that far away, another serial killer is on the loose. I can still see her. I can still hear my mother coaxing me to slide the bright red lipstick over her beautiful victims’ lips.

But this isn’t her and I’m determined to figure out who it is. I may work behind the scenes at the Rockford Times, but I’m about to get thrown right in the middle of the biggest story our city has ever seen.

My name is Anna Monroe and I’m full of secrets.

They say you’re not your past. I’m not so sure they’re right.

Master Mind (An Anna Monroe and Never Far crossover)
Being a victim was something Anna Monroe knew all too well. When three girls go missing, she’s pulled back into the haunting memories of her past. Not just as a captive to a serial killer…but as a killer, herself. She knows she has to do everything in her power to get them back. What Anna doesn’t prepare for is the latest victim’s obsessive boyfriend.

Boston Marks will stop at nothing to find Lucy. With girls showing up dead, he doesn’t have much time. Anna is the key to unraveling this mystery, but will their special skills be enough to outsmart a killer? Or is their paring exactly what he wants?

Anna and Boston think they have everything figured out. Little do they know, nothing is as it appears. Every clue they discover, I’ve strategically placed. Every suspicion they get, I’ve already calculated. They think they stand a chance against me. They’re wrong. I’m not just the messiah to murders. I’m the mastermind behind them all.

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