Marko Delacroix Complete Series (BIG BOOK) Signed Print


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There are things that exist that cannot be explained or comprehended. Creatures so terrifying that the human mind refuses to believe the possibility of existence. Romantism of evil can only get you so far—dead. The stories are there throughout history. The proof is not. At least…until now.

I am Marko Delacroix, a Master Vampire, and I am not redeemable. Politics, power, greed. Nothing will stop me from getting what is rightfully mine. What I never saw coming was Tessa. She entrances me, calls to something that shouldn’t be amongst the deadness inside of me. But even she won’t get in my way.

Twists, turns, death. It will soon mold the path that leads to my rightful spot on the throne. This world is mine, and I’ll do anything to prove it. There’s only one person who is destined to stop me…Hunter. His love for Tessa is supposed to be the end of my kind, but he doesn’t know what I have planned. No one does.

This is my story—my world—my rise to reign. Everyone wants to rule. Few are willing to sacrifice themselves to prove it.

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