MasterMind (An Anna Monroe and Boston Marks crossover): Signed Print


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MasterMind is a STANDALONE, but it’s suggested that you read Mad Girl (The Chronicles of Anna Monroe) and Never Far if you wish to connect more with the characters.

Being a victim was something Anna Monroe knew all too well. When three girls go missing, she’s pulled back into the haunting memories of her past. Not just as a captive to a serial killer…but as a killer, herself. She knows she has to do everything in her power to get them back. What Anna doesn’t prepare for is the latest victim’s obsessive boyfriend.

Boston Marks will stop at nothing to find Lucy. With girls showing up dead, he doesn’t have much time. Anna is the key to unraveling this mystery, but will their special skills be enough to outsmart a killer? Or is their paring exactly what he wants?

Anna and Boston think they have everything figured out. Little do they know, nothing is as it appears. Every clue they discover, I’ve strategically placed. Every suspicion they get, I’ve already calculated. They think they stand a chance against me. They’re wrong. I’m not just the messiah to murders. I’m the mastermind behind them all.


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